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Cam Market Research Recruitment Limited is a healthcare recruitment agency based in Cambridgeshire specialising in the recruitment of medical professionals to participate in ad hoc market research.
We recruit respondents nationally for the healthcare industry from both the primary and secondary care sectors. Our national approach, rather than just regional ensures a broad geographical spectrum of policies and opinions. 

Cam Market Research Recruitment Limited has a dedicated team of recruiters and administrators based on site in Cambridge who are conversant with all the projects on the desk at any one time.  This ensures a professional understanding and approach to our clients and our respondents.  

Our in-house experienced high-calibre recruiting team are adept at handling the most demanding recruit and are never fazed by the more ‘difficult to access’ respondent types.  Every job, regardless of size, therapy area or methodology, is welcomed and delivered in a professional, efficient and timely manner.   

We are constantly looking to improve our systems to ensure we continue to deliver a high calibre service to both our clients and our respondents.  We are fastidious in our approach to the screening of potential participants to match the end client’s requirements. We have a thorough understanding of our clients’ needs and adhere 100% to our recruitment brief.

Cam Market Research Recruitment Limited has been operating since 1992 and collectively across our recruiters we have 40 years of experience of delivering exceptional quality, often hard to locate medical professionals to participate in market research projects for a wealth of pharmaceutical companies, healthcare market research agencies and PR agencies.

Direct contact between our recruiters and our clients is of paramount importance to us to ensure that any queries or problems can be ‘ironed out’ without delay.  We endeavour to always keep our clients informed at every stage of a project. 

We believe our excellent project management and client rapport serves to maximise our client’s confidence in Cam Market Research Recruitment Limited delivering high quality, efficient, successful recruitment.

Vaughan Siobhan (Vaughan) Monaghan-Keeler
Managing Director
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If you would like Cam Market Research Recruitment Limited to provide a quote please do not hesitate to contact us.
For more information please contact:
Siobhan Monaghan-Keeler on 01954 267603

What our clients say...

Richard Koban Payne

Adelphi Group

"The team did a fantastic job. You were most responsive to all of my requests, answered emails promptly, persevered with my anxieties, and got 60 completes and another 4 overquota. Just this morning came a follow-up RFP that requires yet another qualitative and quantitative sample in the UK (and a few other countries).
Because of your effort we can clearly demonstrate past performance in recruiting UK payers."

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Our healthcare specialists include

GP's, GPwSI, Specialists and Surgeons, Key Opinion Leaders, Pharmacists, Nurses, PCT committee members, Heads of Medicines management, Prescribing & Commissioning Leads

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If you would like to register your interest to participate in paid market research please email or call us and we will contact you when there is an appropriate study.

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