Cam Market Research Recruitment operates in a flexible way. Whether your market research project requires a full service approach that includes the initial proposal through to fieldwork and the delivery of the results, or you only need resource for a particular aspect of the project please call us. We'd be delighted to help with your individual requirements.

Our main services include the following:

- Qualitative and Quantitative Research
- Research Design
- Face-to-Face Interviewing
- Telephone Interviewing
- Depth Interviews
- Focus Groups/Group Discussions- Analysis & Reporting
- Venue Booking
- Incentive provision

Whilst we major in recruitment for qualitative or quantitative studies, we are also able to offer a full project management service.
If you would like Cam Market Research Recruitment Limited to provide a competitive quote, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For more information please contact: Siobhan Monaghan-Keeler on 01954 267603.

What our clients say...

Richard Koban Payne

Adelphi Group

"The team did a fantastic job. You were most responsive to all of my requests, answered emails promptly, persevered with my anxieties, and got 60 completes and another 4 overquota. Just this morning came a follow-up RFP that requires yet another qualitative and quantitative sample in the UK (and a few other countries).
Because of your effort we can clearly demonstrate past performance in recruiting UK payers."

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nationally for

Focus groups
Steering groups
Advisory boards
Face to face depth interviews
Telephone interviews
Online surveys

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Our healthcare specialists include

GP's, GPwSI, Specialists and Surgeons, Key Opinion Leaders, Pharmacists, Nurses, PCT committee members, Heads of Medicines management, Prescribing & Commissioning Leads

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Quantitive and qualitative research resources

Booking of venues
Providing incentives
Tailored requests
Analysis and reports

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Participate in paid market research

If you would like to register your interest to participate in paid market research please email or call us and we will contact you when there is an appropriate study.

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